Administrative Assistant - Cindy Maynor

Music Director - Nicholas Fleming

Accompanist - Ruth Surratt

Nursery Attendants - Sadee Allard and Jessica Atwell

Custodian - Charles Wilson



Our Church Leadership for 2017

Administrative Council: The purpose of the Administrative Council is to provide for the planning and implementing of programs in the areas of nurture, outreach, and witness. The Administrative Council is the programming, administrative, and decision making body of the local church. The membership of the Administrative Council includes Chairpersons of Staff Parish Relations Committee, Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, Shepherds, Outreach Team, Witness Team and:

Church Council Chair                                       Jim Corbet

Recording Secretary                                          Paula Barnett

Lay Leader                                                        John Stone

Lay Member to Annual Conference                 Rhett Hamiter

Financial Secretary                                           Kay Stone

Treasurer                                                           Bob Jacobs

Worship Coordinators                                       Irene Lyles and Bob Stem

UMM Pres.                                                        Bob Jacobs

UMW Pres.                                                        Linda Sweetapple

Children/Youth Coordinator                              Jeri Peterson

Communications Coordinator                           Cindy Maynor

Lay Servants:                                                     Robert Stem, Anne Steinaway, Irene Lyles,

Dee Dickson, Rhett Hamiter, Jan Huey, Judy Slayton-Wilson, Elizabeth Williams


Staff/Parish Relations Committee: The role of the SPRC is to provide an avenue of communication between the pastor, other staff, and church members. It shall assist the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service within the local church and community. The SPRC also provides leadership for the congregation in working with the District Superintendent and the Bishop during the pastoral change and the appointment process. The members of the SPRC are Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference and:

Class 2017                                          Class of 2018                                      Class 2019

Rhett Hamiter (Chair)                        James Cook                                        Elizabeth Williams

Barbara Heading                                 Grace Arnold                                     Don Henry


Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees oversees the maintenance, repair, and use of the local church property including church building(s), contents, parsonage, and grounds. The members of the Trustees are:

Class of 2017                                      Class of 2018                                    Class 2019

Wayne McFall (Co-chair)                   Curt Marsh                                        Roger Dunham

Joe Sweetapple (Co-chair)                  Janice Barnett                                    TBA


Committee on Lay Leadership / Nominations: The Committee on Lay Leadership (formally the Nominations Committee) is to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate, and maintain the leadership of the local congregation by seeking out individuals to participate in the various ministry opportunities. The members of the Committee on Lay Leadership are:

Class of 2017                                      Class 2018                                          Class 2019

Irene Lyles                                             Dawn Jacobs                                      Jan Huey

Judy Slayton-Wilson                             Voncille Ford                                      Peggy Hise

Finance Committee: The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee the financial life of the congregation. This includes areas such as stewardship, records of giving, budget, treasurer reports, and an annual audit. The members of the finance Committee include:

Finance Chairperson                                               Vernon Dove

Treasurer                                                                 Bob Jacobs

Financial Secretary                                                 Kay Stone

Lay Member to Annual Conference                        Rhett Hamiter

Lay Leader / Representative form PPR                   John Stone

Church Council Chair                                              Jim Corbet

Representative from Trustees                                   TBA

At Large                                                                   Julia Carter, Joann Humphries


Outreach: The Outreach Team oversees all of the programs of the local church oriented toward missions. These programs include those in the immediate community and across the world. The members of the Outreach Team are:

Joe Sweetapple & Linda Sweetapple (Co-Chairs), Curt Marsh, Susan Marsh, Patsy Powell, Harold Gibson, Grace Arnold, Stan Gibson, Barbara Heading, Arlene Cook


Shepherds: The Shepherds provide membership care. They contact the membership monthly and coordinate gatherings such as funeral dinners. The Shepherds are:

Barbara Heading & Beverly Yarber (Co-Chairs), Pat Jacobs, Cathy Verberkmoes, Jo Stone, Patsy Powell, Susan Maxwell, Judy Slayton-Wilson, Kay Stone, Grace Arnold, Kat Hamiter, Gayle Levens, and Jan Barnett


Witness: The Witness Team leads the congregation in evangelism through publicity, visitor care, and assimilating new members into the life of the congregation. The members of the Witness Team are:

Jan Huey, Bill Esterly, Judy Slayton-Wilson, Dee Dickson, Kathy and Rhett Hamiter


Worship Team: The Worship Team assists the pastor in planning, developing, and implementing effective worship opportunities for the local church every week and on special days throughout the Christian Year. The members of the Worship Team are:

Rev. Michelle Bailey, Rev. Marilyn Perrine, Kat Hamiter, Dee Dickson, Irene Lyles, Ginny Pujol, Judy Jones, Rhett Hamiter


Sunday School Teachers: Rev. Marilyn Perrine, Jeri Peterson, Ginger Ware, and Rev. Michelle. Substitutes: Brian Dove, Barbara Heading, Dee Dickson.


United Methodist Women Officers: Linda Sweetapple (President), Grace Arnold (Vice President), Dawn Jacobs(Secretary), Barbara Heading (Treasurer).

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